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Air Conditioning For Schools

Installing air conditioning in schools

Schools are large campuses that can be difficult and costly to heat and cool. There are quite often large windows which draw in summer heat and let in the winter cold. Buildings aren’t generally uniform shapes, which makes it harder to maintain a consistent temperature inside. Being uncomfortably hot or cold can hugely affect students’ productivity, reduce concentration, and increase behavioural problems.

A new air conditioning system is a big expense at the outset, but will eventually pay for itself. It makes the school a better environment for optimum learning, and lots of schools employ air conditioning in order to help their teachers and students perform better and be comfortable throughout the year.

Why install air conditioning in my school?

  • Maintaining a comfortable climate increases concentration and makes a more ideal learning environment.
  • Purifying air is good for students and teachers who are indoors for the majority of the day.
  • The system can be used to both heat and cool the school year-round, making it more energy and cost efficient than separate heaters and fans 
  • Adjustable – temperatures can be set depending on the room e.g. a computer lab needs to be cooler for the equipment, whereas a normal classroom should be a higher ambient temperature.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient – system is only active to get to the chosen temperature, and can be programmed to only be on when the room is occupied or at certain times, reducing power consumption and running costs.
  • Quiet – air conditioning units have advanced to having low noise output, making them less likely to be a distraction. The main noise-causing components would be house in the external unit.

Which air conditioning system should I use for my school?

Large Schools

If the school buildings have a suspended, or ‘dropped’ ceiling, it would be good to opt for a ceiling cassette. These can be placed completely out of the way of students and are better for conditioning large spaces. The installation process is more invasive and can be costly, but this or a ducted system would be most effective for large buildings making up a school campus.

Small Schools

For smaller schools, a multi-split system could be used as it’s the least invasive to install, and lots of smaller units can be placed in separate rooms. The units are inconspicuous and can be place high on the wall, away from students and classroom equipment.

All types of air conditioning system require connection to an outdoor unit, which can be placed in minimally visible and invasive areas on campus. You should always have qualified air conditioning engineers assessing your campus and installing any system so that it’s working at maximum efficiency.

Eaglereach Mechanical has twenty years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems. We offer a friendly, local service that only employs Category 1 FGAS engineers, so you can be assured that your system will be up to code and correctly installed. You will also be advised on maintenance schedules and how to look after the system. We offer our customers support via 24/7 call-outs and help if your system needs repairs. Get in touch today for further information and your free, no-obligations quote.

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