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Air Conditioning For Home Gym

Air conditioning for your home gym

Home gyms are becoming much more popular as a way to exercise regularly without having to share a space or commit to a costly gym pass. A home gym is also useful for avoiding the worst of the British weather and increasingly extreme temperature shifts, making you able to keep up with your exercise regimen when you’re unable to do it outside.

Why install air conditioning in my home gym?

Effective air conditioning is an essential addition to a home gym. When you exercise, your body heats up and you sweat – generally this is a good thing, but it can also lead to overheating if the room isn’t sufficiently ventilated or cooled. An air-conditioned room is perfect for avoiding making yourself unwell or overly fatigued while you work out. Additionally, maintaining a slightly cooler ambient temperature can help to reduce heart rate, increasing stamina and avoiding overexertion.

A home gym with air conditioning is also much more adaptable to your individual needs. The temperature can be changed based on the time of year and even the kind of exercise you’re doing. For example, yoga requires a more heated environment to help increase flexibility, whereas running on a treadmill calls for cooler air to lessen dehydration and burn more calories. The versatility of the temperature means that your home gym can be in use every day of the year. Compared to fans or space heaters, air conditioning is quieter and more energy efficient, making it a worthwhile investment.

Which air conditioning system should I use for my home gym?

A simple split wall system is ideal for a home gym, as they are small and subtle but provide enough power to control the climate of one room. The units fit flush with the wall so that it doesn’t clutter up the space, and it can be placed higher up on the wall to create convection and cycle the cool air around properly. You can also have multiple units of the same type installed throughout your home with just one outdoor box for the whole system.

At Eaglereach, we only employ highly-qualified and experienced Category 1 FGAS engineers, and we have over 20 years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems. Take the first step towards perfecting your home gym by getting a free, no-obligation quote from us.

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