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Air Conditioning For Conservatories

Installing air conditioning in your conservatory

A conservatory is a big investment to make and usually adds value to a property. Having an extra room and more space is always a positive for any property owner. However, the conservatory can quite often become unusable during certain times of the year. This is because it’s less able to regulate temperature than a conventional room, as it isn’t as well insulated. For this reason, many people opt to have air conditioning installed in their conservatory.

Why install air conditioning in the conservatory?

  • Everyone has a temperature that they feel most comfortable at, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep that temperature steady throughout the day, especially in a conservatory. Having air conditioning mitigates this as it can be adjusted to create and maintain the perfect ambient temperature for you.
  • Many conservatories become stifling in high summer, and then freezing during the winter. Air conditioning allows you to use the conservatory no matter the temperature outside, making the most of the space. It can also make your conservatory more versatile – instead of only being a sunroom or sitting room it can become a home office, playroom, dining area or even a home gym.
  • Conservatories are generally small enough to only require one air conditioning unit which is much more affordable than having to change the roof, extend your central heating system, or invest in other heating and cooling solutions.
  • Air conditioning units are a less noisy and a space saving alternative to portable heaters and fans, and come in a range of colours and styles to blend in well with the existing décor.
  • It’s very straightforward to install air conditioning in a conservatory, whether it’s placed during the construction of the room or in an already existing one.

What kind of system is best for a conservatory?

The most popular air conditioning option for residential properties is the split wall system. These are smaller units that come in a range of styles, with an outdoor unit that can be easily hidden to keep your conservatory and garden area looking great. 

The smaller size of the unit means that it can be low-mounted on the wall, which is ideal for a conservatory made mostly of windows! The benefits of this option are low noise output, lower running costs, and high energy efficiency. You can opt for a single unit in one room, or a multi split wall system to air condition your entire home. The conservatory would not require a different or specialised unit from the rest of the property, keeping things simple and ensuring all of your units match.

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