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Wall-Mounted Multi-Split Air Conditioning Unit

Wall-Mounted Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Choosing a new air conditioning system is an important, but daunting, decision. There are lots of different types of system, with different kinds of units included – it can be hard to know where to start. It’s important to do the research and decide what you think will be best for your needs.

One of the most popular air conditioning systems is the split system. It’s a popular choice because of the noise reduction, efficiency, and adaptability that it provides. You can either have a single split wall system or a multiple split one, depending on your air conditioning needs.

Why should I choose a multi-split air conditioning system?


Each room can be separately air conditioned to your liking using a wireless remote to set the temperatures and timers. There are many indoor unit options to blend in with the size and décor of a particular room.


Because the larger part of the system is situated outside, the interior units are very quiet and discreet.

Cost effective

A multi-split system is less expensive than fully ducted air conditioning. Maintenance and servicing is also more straight-forward and can be more affordable.

Energy efficient

Though it consumes more energy than a single split system, a multi-split system is still energy efficient and lowers running costs. Using the correct size of unit for each room optimises the performance and uses less power than a conventional air conditioning unit.

Intelligent Tech

Using one outdoor unit to run all of the indoor ones also helps to reduce power consumption, and using timers or motion sensors means that the air conditioning is only used when it’s needed, or when the room is being occupied.

Complete system

A multi-split system gives you the ability to install a complete air conditioning system throughout your home helping you to regulate and control the temperature throughout.

Installing a multi-split air conditioning system

The installation of any air conditioning system should be carried out by a licenced professional who has the know-how to install the units and piping, and can remain safe around dangerous substances like the refrigerant fluid. They will ensure that the system is installed correctly so that it runs as efficiently as possible and keep costs as low as they can be. Finally, a qualified engineer will make sure that everything is done legally and up to code.

Some consideration will be needed as to where the outdoor unit is placed. There are some legal and safety requirements, such as distance from the house and open space needed around the unit, but there are also aesthetic and space accommodations to think about. Some of these include: hiding the unit from view of guests and neighbours, not blocking anything important or a view you want to keep, and somewhere away or above potential flooding and snowmelt.

As for the interior units, the best place for them is close to the ceiling because cool air sinks, which allows better circulation. However, the units are flexible and can be placed almost anywhere as long as the space allows for it. You can discuss your placement ideas with the engineer and they can advise you on the best possible positioning.

One thing to bear in mind about the multi-split system is that its interconnectivity can also be a downside. If the outdoor compressor has a problem, your whole system will be affected until you can get it fixed – Eaglereach also offers a 24/7 on call service in case of incidents like this, so that you can be supported in getting your system back up and running quickly.

Eaglereach mechanical has almost 20 years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems, including the multi-split system. All of our engineers are Category 1 FGAS certified and work to the best standards. We offer a friendly, local service with 24 hour support for our customers. Contact us now for a free, no-obligations quote on your proposed air conditioning system.

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