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Air Conditioning For Commercial Buildings

Installing air conditioning in a commercial building

It’s important to keep a commercial building at a comfortable temperature. The weather is often unpredictable and temperatures can fluctuate wildly from day to day, so making sure you have a consistent ambient temperature makes business sense despite it being a large initial investment. Whether you have a shop, showroom, or café, air conditioning can help to retain customers and keep them happy while they visit your place of business.

Why install air conditioning in my commercial building?

  • Comfortable environment – Air conditioning can make a building much more comfortable, which makes customers and visitors more likely to spend time there. The environment can also boost staff concentration and productivity, making your business run more effectively.
  • Quiet – Modern air conditioning systems are quieter than ever before, lessening distracting noise.
  • Purifying – Lots of air conditioning units now come equipped with air purifiers, removing allergens and excessive dust from the space. Doing this keeps your staff healthy, and makes the environment cleaner and more pleasant for visitors.
  • Energy efficient – Air conditioning systems can be set on a timer or programmed to only power on when the space is in use. It can also shut off when reaching the desired temperature. All of these factors together can lower power consumption.
  • Cost effective – This is connected to energy efficiency, air conditioning quite often ends up paying for itself in saved costs. Less power consumption means lower utility bills, and more money saved for your business.

Which air conditioning system should I use for my commercial building?

The type of system to use varies depending on a number of factors including the size of your building, how many units you would require, and whether your building can support accompanying pipes, wires, and ductwork.

Generally, for smaller or single-room spaces, a split system would be ideal. This consists of one interior unit that can be mounted on the wall and an exterior condenser unit. This system is the least expensive option, as well as being a relatively simple installation process. If you have more than one room to air conditioning, opting for a multi-split system would be better. It works in the same way as a single split system, but the outside condenser supports multiple interior units.

If your commercial building is larger, or you have several large rooms in a building, you might think about getting a more centralised air conditioning system like ducts or ceiling cassettes. These are more expensive, and require space in the walls and ceiling to accommodate the equipment. However, they are the most effective option for a much larger space.

Whichever air conditioning system you decide on, you should get advice and an assessment from qualified professionals. The system must be installed by certified engineers, to make sure it’s running correctly and efficiently. Eaglereach Mechanical only employs Category 1 FGAS engineers with the knowhow to help you choose and install your air conditioning. Our 20 years of experience means that we can advise you on any questions you may have. Contact us now for a free, no-obligations quote.

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