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Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted Air Conditioning

It can be hard to decide on the perfect air conditioning system for you as there are so many options around, especially now that air conditioning has become a more popular option for people in the UK. There are several different kinds of system that you can opt for, and researching each of them is important to understand exactly what you will need. One of the many options is a ducted air conditioner.

Why should I choose a ducted air conditioning system?

Consistent temperatures

As mentioned before, the ducted system covers an entire home or property with ease, and keeps temperatures stable throughout the space.

Tailored to your space

All ducted systems are custom-made as all spaces are different. Factors that are considered include your home size, how many vents would be required, where you want air conditioning to be available, and the size of your main central unit.

Energy efficiency

When a ducted air conditioning system reaches the desired temperature, it will power itself down which saves energy and lowers running costs. The system can be made even more efficient by fitting an inverter, which allows the temperature to remain consistent. You can also program the air conditioning to only operate in specific rooms, or at specific times (i.e. only when people are in the room).


The bulkier aspects of a ducted system are hidden within walls or under floors, and all you will see in the room are the vents. Unlike wall-mounted units, you don’t need to consider where the vent will be most inconspicuous, and a vent frees up your space for décor and activities. Although most of the system is obscured, it is still easy to access for repairs, maintenance, or checks.

Installing a ducted system

Like any air conditioning system, you will require qualified, experienced engineers to install your ducted air conditioning and advise you on how to keep the system maintained and running at full capacity. Also bear in mind that duct system can be a more invasive installation process than a split wall system.

Eaglereach Mechanical only employs Category 1 FGAS qualified engineers, so you can rest assured that your system will be up to code and run at its maximum efficiency. We have almost 20 years of experience with installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems. Contact us today for a free, no-obligations quote on your new air conditioning plans.

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