Eaglereach Air Conditioning can supply, fit and maintain several types of air conditioning system to your home, office or commercial space. Below are explanations of those systems, so you can choose which one is right for you.

Split Wall Air-conditioning System

Split wall air conditioning system is probably the most used system in a residential property. This system consists of a wall mounted unit installed inside and an outdoor unit installed outside. A wide variety of stylish models to match any interior. With a fantastic energy efficiency rating and a very low Db reading these prove to be a perfect match for any residential and small commercial properties

Multi Split Wall air-conditioning system

This system consists of one outdoor unit which can feed between two and five indoor units in either a residential and commercial property. A very energy efficient and stylish was to cool and heat your house. Withe the help from the inverter compressor, which automatically regulates its workload according to the needs of each individual unit and the selected room temperature requiring a lower energy demand and less power consumption once the required temperature is reached and maintained.


Ducted air conditioning system

Ducted air conditioning is by far the cleanest, quietest and most energy efficient way to bring the comfort of conditioned air to your home or office.

A ducted system consists of an outdoor unit located outside incorporating an inverter power feature ensuring optimum efficiency of power usage. The air conditioning unit, maybe located in the roof cavity, provides clean filtered air ducted anywhere within your living space.

Ducting is the network of sealed flexible or rigid tubes, connecting the air conditioning unit to each room vent.

A ducted system can also provide different temperature and comfort zones simultaneously, whether for working, sleeping or other activities. A central command point allows adjustments of comfort levels to all areas. Most units provide either sleep or delay functions and some units are also able to be remotely controlled to begin cooling before you arrive.


Ceiling cassette

A ceiling mounted cassette system is a powerful, efficient way to deliver clean comfortable heated or cooled air to any living space in your family home, office, retail centre or multi-use building.

The cassette itself is hidden above the ceiling. All thats on show is the cassette grille. Most grilles are four way blowers, blows four ways. Some brands now supply a round grille where air flow is eventually distributed.

The unit provides a consistent level of comfort from start up, quickly achieving a steady room temperature with minimum expended energy.


VRV/VRF system

A variable refrigeration volume or variable refrigeration flow is a system that regulates the flow of refrigerant according the space that needs cooling/heating.

One outdoor VRV/VRF unit can serve one or many indoor units or several outdoor units can be coupled to serve many indoor units depending on the building type, function and number of occupants.

A fantastic energy efficient way of heating and cooling.


Why is regular maintenance important?

Even though not visible to the human eye mould and bacteria can build up on the coil and fan blades. Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system is imperative to maintaining its efficiency. The various parts of the system requiring steady maintenance are the filters, coils, and fins. When systems are regularly maintained they are thoroughly sterilised and have the dirt and debris that builds up throughout the various parts and filters removed.

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