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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

Ceiling Cassette

There are several different types of air conditioning units and systems. It can be hard to decide which one would be best for your specific needs. Every system has an ideal application – where it will work the best and run more cost effectively. It’s very important to do your research and learn which unit would work the best in your space, before starting any work.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Cassette units are one kind of air conditioning solution. They are mounted in the ceiling, so work most effectively in a suspended (or ‘dropped’) ceiling that has plenty of space for the unit and its various connecting pipes. This makes them most ideal for spaces like offices, retail units, and hotels. They would be less effective in ceilings that don’t have the open space above.

Pros of Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

Space saving

Having a ceiling unit is much less obtrusive than wall-mounted ones, and don’t take up any valuable floor space. It’s still worth talking to an installation specialist about where the best position for your ceiling cassette would be.

Consistent cooling

Because colder air sinks, a ceiling cassette is in a prime position to cool all of the air in your space evenly, creating a consistent climate.

Good coverage of large spaces

Ceiling cassette units are the most effective variety to use in larger rooms and spaces. Depending on fan strength, you may not need too many separate units to air condition a whole building.


This system includes an external condenser unit, which takes the heat removed from the air and ejects it outside. Because the main processes of the air conditioning cycle happens outdoors, the cassette units themselves are very quiet - ideal for a working environment.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient: Because of the adjustable thermostat and fan speeds, a ceiling cassette can save on both energy consumption and running costs.

Purer air

If your ceiling cassette includes purification filters, it can be used doubly as an air purifier. This creates an environment with fresher air as well as much less allergens and pollutants.

Ceiling Cassette Installation

Like any air conditioning system, the ceiling cassette unit must be installed by a qualified engineer. Not doing this can mean that the system runs less efficiently and may not be up to code. Repairs and maintenance could also cost more if the system is installed incorrectly by unqualified people.

Before making a decision on which air conditioning system to use, it is always recommended to talk to a professional about your options, and which system would be best for your specifications.

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