Multi Air Conditioning System Installation

Case Study

Customer situation

Our customer owns a 3 bedroom semi detached house and naturally wanted to keep it well heated during winter months whilst also ensuring it was cool during the summer. However, they found that their kitchen and lounge had a tendency to get extremely hot between June to September and from October through to March it was very cold. They contacted Eaglereach Mechanical to enquire about a domestic air conditioning installation but they had limited space outside for an outdoor unit and wanted to avoid multiple outdoor units on the exterior of the house.

Our solution

The Eaglereach Mechanical team attended the property and completed a full site survey to assess the best type of domestic air conditioning installation to fit the customer requirement. We identified that the only way our customer could heat and cool every room in the house without having several different outdoor units was to install a multi air conditioning system. We advised on the range of systems available, where the units could be most appropriately installed and the brand of system we would suggest as the best fit for their needs. Our team then installed the system quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption to the home owner and their family and once installed ran through instructions for the customer on how to use their air conditioning system from using the controls in the house and also remotely via an app on their phone.

The outcome

The domestic air conditioning installation of a multi air conditioning system has left our customer with a house perfectly heated when they need warmth and beautifully cool during the summer months. They have the flexibility to have different temperatures in each room which is particularly helpful in the kitchen which can be hotter than the rest of the house while cooking. The added advantage of controlling the air conditioning system from an app on their phone when not at home, means that they are able to change the heating settings when needed and return to a nice cosy warm house in the winter or swap the previous experience of walking into an oven with the delight of a perfectly cool house!
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