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Home Air Conditioning Installation - Ducted unit install for Bedrooms

Customer Situation:

Our customer recently had a loft conversion to a master bedroom in their house to better use available space and provide them with a really stunning bedroom. However, they found that during the summer the bedroom became unbearably hot and the dream room they had invested money in left them with a room they would prefer to avoid at all costs which was far from the intended outcome. They were in desperate need of a home air conditioning installation but disliked the wall mounted systems that other air-con providers had suggested and wanted to avoid seeing the air conditioning units on the wall.

Our Solution:

The Eaglereach Mechanical team visited the property and conducted a site survey to ascertain the best option to fit the customer requirement for a home air conditioning installation. We discovered that the customer had some remaining loft space that would work well with a ducted unit installation and recommended this as the best solution because it has the benefit that everything is concealed within the loft and the only items on show inside the house is the controller and grilles which supply the conditioned air. Having discussed all of the options with the customer we advised the best option was to install two vertical ducted systems in their remaining loft space and we were able to add two additional grilles and a system to the downstairs bedrooms as well. Our team installed a Daikin system because they are compact, powerful and super efficient.

The Outcome:

The home air conditioning installation of a ducted unit has left our customer with the dream master bedroom they had always dreamed of. Beautifully cool during the summer and snug and cosy in the winter. The installed system also now allows them to heat and cool the other bedrooms within the house with the same solution. Happy customer – happy household!
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