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The team at Eaglereach Mechanical were contacted by a customer who had recently purchased a new build home and were looking for domestic air conditioning installers to provide advice for the most appropriate air con system for their new home. Our team were happy to assist and visited the home owner to conduct a free consultation and site survey. We often find that new build houses have fantastic insulation and that was certainly the case for this home owner. Great insulation in a house is very good news during the winter months and a benefit that is often lacking in older houses. However, the down side is that during the warmer summer months the house can become extremely warm. An uncomfortably hot house is particularly challenging at night in the bedrooms and can lead to poor sleep which is even more of a problem with young children. Our domestic air conditioning installers assessed the house and talked through the different air con systems available. The home owner wanted a beautifully cooled house but was understandably concerned about how an air conditioning unit may effect the aesthetic appeal of their new home and were keen to avoid having a system mounted on the walls. This is a familiar request for our team because many home owners don’t want to see the air conditioning units mounted in plain site on walls. Domestic Air Conditioning Installers

The solution from the Eaglereach Mechanical domestic air conditioning installers

After discussion with the home owner our team recommended a ducted home air conditioning system. A ducted air con unit is a closed system of air that cycles conditioned and non-conditioned air though the home. The ducts are like the veins of your home which supply air from the ducted system to the rooms in your home, and then return the unconditioned air back to the heart of the system to be cooled/heated again. Domestic Air Conditioning Installers The air vents are access points to the ducts running through your home which allow the free flow of air to and from your ducted system. Supply vents blow conditioned air from the ducted unit into the rooms, and return air vents pull the air out of the rooms and back into the cooling system. Domestic Air Conditioning Installers The benefit to our customer of a ducted air conditioning system is that everything is concealed, out of sight, in the loft. The only items on show inside is the controller and grilles which supply the conditioned air. Our team installed a Mitsubishi Heavy ducted unit which was small enough to fit through the loft hatch but still a highly efficient system. The customer now has a house with cool air in summer, warm in winter and still looks fantastic because the indoor units are hidden!

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